Friday, 23 September 2011

With Friends And Foes Around, The Doctor Awaits His End!

Doctor Who season 6 episode 12
That’s right, the penultimate episode of sci-fi series Doctor Who, is ready to descend the aura of death on the protagonist.

Nonetheless, the incidents of Doctor Who season 6 episode 12 are expected to take us on another trip of adventure, fun, as well as mystery.

The Doctor will be seen paying visit to one of his old friends, Craig. And from there on, the flurry of relentless action would start to smear the entire vicinity.

With Cybermen, the battle between good and bad is going to see some inexplicable twists and turns, and knowing that death awaits him, the Doctor might plunge into danger without sparing a single moment.

However, one thing that remains to be seen is what role would Craig play, and it would surely make for a baffling watch, if sinister has its seeds coming from an old friend.

The events of the forthcoming installment would take place after 200 years of time since the last event took place! That last blast of sci-fi had us in utter desperation, with the Doctor and his league falling prey to a Minotaur-like beast.

It was his impeccable sense of gauging the situation that our hero could come back safely, along with those, who didn’t fall under the spell of that brute.

With only one more segment remaining after ‘Closing Time’, the upcoming one, we can expect some powerful display of action and edge-of-the-seat moments. Moments that might keep us pondering all the time, wondering if this race between the good and sinister would return!

The title of the latest episode itself sounds like a stepping stone for the final catastrophe, and a finale might not be the end, but the beginning of yet another breathtaking ride on the time machine, TARDIS.

Let’s wait to find out how everything shapes up in the penultimate, as it would give way to the ultimate!