Friday, 26 August 2011

How will Doctor’s Encounter with Adolf Hitler be?

doctor who season 6 episode 8
The unlucky ones who endured the atrocities of the psychopathic God, Adolf Hitler will be rescued by his shackles via the Doctor.

Doctor’s TARDIS will land up in Berlin, where Nazism’s stench chokes you to death.

The history will be repeated again, with the Doctor stepping into 1930s Germany when Hitler wreaked havoc on the entire nation. This anti-social personality didn’t spare any community, be it Jews or Christians!

The Nazi war camps were his major target of physical and psychological torture.

And how can that alien robot army – Hitler’s major tool to rule the world – be left un-discussed? Specie of that army, Teselecta, will be featured in the imminent episode!

Hence, Doctor Who season 6 episode 8 will take you to Hitler’s world where words like mercy, benevolence, kindness and love were meaningless! Did such traits even exist? I wonder!

The only feelings that prevailed were that of hatred, belligerence, excruciation and destruction!

Just the mere thought of such brutal images give us goose pimples! Think about the ones who tolerated this torment! Sheer savageness it was!

But, as the Doctor’s job is to save people from the evil, it will be damn interesting to see how Hitler is dealt with!

The horrifying fables about Hitler have only exclaimed us to date! Now we will get to see how he ruled and how strong his country people were who survived such a flagitious swayer.    
Watch out, people! Doctor who is on a ‘Let’s kill Hitler’ mission!